The case for Earth

Disaster Recovery Management

Inleiding ''Large areas have been devastated by a huge storm.'

Thousands of rescue vehicles with huge tires are sent out to save the people.'

'These are the images of those adventures.'

  • 'The food was running out.' The people were starving.' Help had to come quickly!'

'Rescue workers are busy 24/7'

  • 'A helicopter transports a truck over a river'
  • 'Airplanes drop dozens of trucks from the air. And parachutes open for a soft landing.'
  • 'The trucks deserve a warm bath and a good scrub after a hard day work.'
  • The tires pull long lines in the landscape.
  • 'Testing facilities run thousands of tests on all aspects of the vehicle.'
  • 'Balloontires deform excellently.'
  • 'United Nations people took up their universal responsibility leaving the talking rooms empty.'
  • Earthquakes caused massive devastation.. Only the rescuing vehicles with their large oversized tires where able to navigate in such terrain.'
  • 'Long trucks with dozens of trailers roll up the hills to provide the people with their material needs.'
  • 'A U.N worker speeds away to ask for more help.'